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Over 50,000 people worldwide have experienced breakthroughs utilizing Brainwave Optimization (HIRREM) powered by Brain State Technologies. 


What is Brainwave Optimization?

Brainwave Optimization (HIRREM) is a holistic, non-pharmacological, EEG and computer based technology designed to help the brain relax and recalibrate for greater balance and harmony. Improving brain balance has been correlated to help with sleep, stress, anxiety, hot flashes, migraines, pain, PTSD, addictive tendencies, memory and clarity, traumatic brain injuries, sports performance, and more.

Consequences of prolonged sympathetic bias, excess activation of "stress hormones", and/or excess inflammation have been associated with many forms of “stress related" disease, such as Cardiovascular, Neuropsychiatric, Metabolic, Gastrointestinal, Immune, Hormonal and Reproductive Disorders.

What is HIRREM? 

HIRREM is simply the technical term for Brainwave Optimization.  


It is described by Wake Forest's School of Medicine as, "High-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM®) is a novel, noninvasive, electroencephalic-based feedback technology to facilitate relaxation and auto-calibration of neural oscillations by using auditory tones to reflect brain frequencies in near real time. HIRREM is not a medical device and is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom, and individual results and duration of effects may vary.



'After only two sessions, I slept the entire night'


Before Brainwave Optimization, sleep was such a rough spot in my day. I would dread the thought of going to bed, knowing that I would be lying awake for hours. Going to work every morning on only 2-3 hours of sleep was slowly, but surely running me straight into the ground. My focus was gone, I became moody and irritable, and I began taking my frustration and exhaustion out on the ones I loved.








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